Solutions by nature, for nature

Re-inventing bacterial treatments for waste and water management, with sustainability at our core.

Save costs, reduce health risks and regenerate natural systems.

ABS provides solutions for a wide range of problems, from blocked urinals and sewers to oil spills, eutrophic freshwater courses and algae-choked marinas.

The products set new standards in sustainability criteria while also helping companies to save costs, eliminate inconvenient operational closures, avoid regulatory infringement and reduce health risks and carbon emissions

Problems we solve

Urinal Maintenance

Blocked and slow-flowing urinals have traditionally been tackled with caustic chemicals or costly, unsustainable repair and replacement.

The Solution

Washroom Odours

Bad odours are typically masked with toxic cleaning agents and deodorisers requiring daily application for only a temporary fix

The Solution

Domestic Sewers

Limescale build-up and inappropriate waste disposal often causes blockages in the sewer network, chemical remediation destroys functionality

The Solution

Grease Traps

The removal of FOGS is a legal requirement for commercial kitchens and hospitality, yet existing methods are costly, inconvenient and merely pass the problem on down the line.

The Solution

Sewage Infrastructure

The build-up of FOGS creates significant blockages in the sewage system and the main methods for their elimination are destructive and corrosive.

The Solution


Pollution from hydrocarbon-based products is extremely harmful to the environment, but so are the existing methods of cleaning it up.

The Solution

Freshwater Nitrates

Agricultural run-off and sewage can cause water pollution and, ultimately, ecological collapse, but current remediation focuses on consequences, not causes.

The Solution

Marine Algal Blooms

The creation of this toxic slime through nutrient pollution degrades biodiversity and damages commercial marine operations, but is notoriously hard to eliminate

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