Achieve odourless and hassle-free urinals!

URIZAP is a patented, world-first microbial formulation that eliminates urinal blockages and foul odours, with regular use preventing recurrence.

Suitable for all types of urinals, URIZAP digests built-up uric acid without the need for harsh chemicals.

One scoop a week, with one cup of water, is all takes to maintain free-flowing urinals!

Product Benefits

* These figures exclude upstream and downstream environmental benefits and are based on assumptions from > 200 trials with a range of urinal types, flush systems, number of historic blockages and cleaning.

  •   Between 10 and 30 million litres of water saved per year
  •   Around 11,200 litres of chemicals saved per year
  •   About 14 tonnes of single-use plastic saved per year
  •   On average 25 tonnes of carbon emissions reduced per year
  •   Depending on location, 50-400% cost savings