SLUDGEZAP ensures odour and blockage free drains.

From less than 12p* per drain per day, SLUDGEZAP could solve your drainage and odour issues.

Washrooms don’t have to smell like washrooms. Our revolutionary formula targets and eliminates the root causes of odours, leaving your facilities smelling clean and inviting.

SLUDGEZAP eliminates organic build-up, the primary source of unpleasant odours and blockages impacting sinks, showers, toilets, baths, and sluices.

SLUDGEZAP is highly effective in kitchens, breaking down fat and grease residues in sinks for improved drainage and cleanliness. It reduces the requirement to frequently empty and replace kitchen waste systems.

After 4 weeks you will notice a drastic improvement in odours.

Product Benefits

Reduces frequency of call outs and maintains infrastructure integrity

Removes the need for harsh chemicals

Reduces odours

Safe and easy to administer

More cost-effective than existing methods

Regular use maintains a free- flowing system