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URIZAP is a patented, world-first microbial formulation that eliminates urinal blockages and foul odours, with regular use preventing recurrence.

Suitable for all types of urinals, URIZAP digests built-up uric acid without the need for harsh chemicals.

Directions for use:

Pour one scoop of URIZAP, followed by a cup of cold water down the urinal. Dose during periods of closure or low footfall. Do not clean your urinal with harsh chemicals whilst it’s being treated with URIZAP.


Weeks 1 – 4 (Shock Phase): two scoops per urinal twice a week.

Weeks 5 onwards (Maintenance Phase): one scoop per urinal once a week.

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Size: 1KG Completely free from pathogens, chemicals, biocides, bleaches, and non-synthetic enzymes. No COSHH or PPE is required to use or handle the products. We use specifically formulated bacteria to digest uric deposits and bactophiles to breakdown limescale build-up.