The ABSolute Urinal Care Bundle

£129.99 exc. VAT

(£155.99 incl. VAT)

The ABSolute Urinal Care Bundle is a holistic solution to overhaul your urinal maintenance, and eliminate odours and blockages for good! Encompassing both internal and external care, this comprehensive bundle tackles the persistent issues of urinal odours and blockages at their root cause.

Included in this bundle:
1 x 1kg pouch of URIZAP
1 x 500g pouch of URIZAP
1 x Surface Descaler bottle
10 x Surface Descaler sachets

This powerful bundle will last you 4 weeks, covering the shock period of URIZAP for 4 weeks with enough Surface Descaler to compliment this period.

Directions for use:


Pour two scoops of URIZAP, followed by a cup of cold water down the urinal, twice a week. Dose during periods of closure or low footfall. Clean your urinal with ABS Surface Descaler whilst it’s being treated with URIZAP.

Surface Descaler:

  1. Rinse out the spray bottle
  2. Fill the bottle with cold water leaving a 1 inch space at the top
  3. Insert 1 Surface Descaler sachet
  4. Replace the spray trigger and shake for 30 seconds
  5. Apply to impacted surfaces. Spray and wipe on everyday stains, spray and leave on hard stains.

1 x 1kg URIZAP 1 x 500g URIZAP 1 x Surface Descaler Spray Bottle 10 x Surface Descaler soluble sachets URIZAP: Completely free from pathogens, chemicals, biocides, bleaches, and non-synthetic enzymes. No COSHH or PPE is required to use or handle the products. We use specifically formulated bacteria to digest uric deposits and bactophiles to breakdown limescale build-up. Surface Descaler: Completely free from bleach, surfactants, mineral acids, solvents and preservatives. No COSHH or PPE is required to use or handle the products. Ingredients: Made from 100% plant-based materials.