The ABSolute Drain Care Refill

£52.99 exc. VAT

(£63.59 incl. VAT)

The ABSolute Drain Care Bundle is a comprehensive solution designed to combat the stubborn issues of foul odours and persistent blockages caused by organic build-up in sinks, toilets, baths, showers, and sluices. This is the ultimate solution for holistic maintenance of your drainage systems.

Included in this bundle:
1 x 1kg pouch of SLUDGEZAP
10 x Surface Descaler sachets

This powerful bundle will last you 6-8 weeks, depending on the amount of drains you are dosing, with enough Surface Descaler to compliment this period.

Directions for use:


Pour one scoop of SLUDGEZAP, followed by a cup of cold water down the drain of you sink, bath, shower or directly into your toilet, once a week. Dose during periods of closure or low footfall. Clean your sink, bath, shower or toilet with ABS Surface Descaler whilst it’s being treated with SLUDGEZAP.

Surface Descaler:

  1. Rinse out the spray bottle
  2. Fill the bottle with cold water leaving a 1 inch space at the top
  3. Insert 1 Surface Descaler sachet
  4. Replace the spray trigger and shake for 30 seconds
  5. Apply to impacted surfaces. Spray and wipe on everyday stains, spray and leave on hard stains.

1 x 1kg SLUDGEZAP 10 x Surface Descaler soluble sachets SLUDGEZAP: Completely free from pathogens, chemicals, biocides, bleaches, and non-synthetic enzymes. No COSHH or PPE is required to use or handle the product. We use specifically formulated bacteria to digest uric deposits and bactophiles to breakdown limescale build-up. Surface Descaler: Completely free from bleach, surfactants, mineral acids, solvents and preservatives. No COSHH or PPE is required to use or handle the products. Ingredients: Made from 100% plant-based materials.