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Urinal Maintenance

The build-up of struvite deposits can impede flow and block pipes. It is traditionally tackled with caustic chemicals or costly, unsustainable repair and replacement.


Urine precipitates uric acid and forms struvite (‘urine stone’) and potassium phosphate, creating a hard, scale-like deposit that impedes flow, blocks pipes and can result in unsightly facilities and persistent, unpleasant odours. Often not fully evident until the problem is serious, it impacts negatively on users and cleaning staff and can necessitate costly infrastructure replacement, particularly in waterless urinals. Current mitigation solutions rely on a cocktail of caustic chemicals such as bleaches, acids, de-scalers, enzymes, disinfectants and mats, or require replacement of pipework, particularly in waterless urinals. Air fresheners are often used to mask lingering odours. Many urinal manufacturers recommend an enzyme-based product, which partly emulsifies the uric acid crystals, relying on the flow of water to wash them away. However, this merely serves to relocate the problem, rather than eliminate it.

How it works

URIZAP is a highly effective powder-based treatment, suitable for both flushing and waterless urinals. It is a World-first product designed for this specific application and embodies purpose-specific bacterial compositions that digest, and prevent the build-up of, uric acid scale, eliminating odours in the process. Non-hazardous and harmless to humans and aquatic life, a 25g scoop, which contains billions of beneficial bacteria, applied each week directly into the bowl is all that is required to maintain each urinal free of odours, blockages and costly repairs.


When put to regular use, the product will reduce disruptions for repair and maintenance and cut overheads, while maximising infrastructure longevity.

This simple to use powder-based treatment uses natural bacteria to digest the deposits, preventing build-up and reducing maintenance and repair costs.