Blocked drains

The flow of organic matter into external drains is becoming increasingly problematic in creating blockages, which can result in flooding and health risks.


The blocking of drains with organic matter, mud and other detritus is a significant and growing problem in urban and rural locations, with reduced run-off removal causing flooding and posing a serious health risk from overflowing sewers.

Increased areas of hard surfacing from urbanisation, larger road networks, larger parking areas and other uses are all adding to the problem, which has also been exacerbated by an apparent increase in rainfall through the onset of climate change.

The typical approach to unblock drains is either through costly rodding, which only serves to move the blockage further down the line, or with the use of chemical solutions to break down the disruption.

How it works

DRAINZAP is specifically formulated to digest organic blockages quickly and cleanly. Regular dosing helps to maintain drainage systems, keeping them clear of debris and free flowing.


This provides a low cost and environmentally friendly method of unblocking drains to reduce the chances of flooding, and avoid the high cost and inconvenience of clearing up after such an event.

This specially formulated quick digesting bacteria clears debris and keeps systems flowing.