Excess Ammonia

The recycling of animal slurry into fertiliser is an efficient farming process, but current methods are costly and inconvenient.


Industrial and agricultural activities are responsible for nitrogen discharges into the environment and it causes serious ecological problems such as river/lakes eutrophication and toxicity to wildlife. The removal of ammonia from waste effluent is crucial and non biological approaches can represent lower operation costs and efficacy compared to biological approach for ammonia removal in WWTP. However, in order to function correctly, nitrifying microorganisms need to be added in seasonally operated systems to ensure rapid establishment of microbial populations and a nitrified effluent.

How it works

ABS provides a liquid formulation of Nitrosomonas that convert ammonia to nitrite and Nitrobacter that convert nitrite to nitrate. This bacterial blend enhances the establishment of nitrifying microorganisms in constructed sewage treatment and industrial waste water treatment plant, improves the recovery of nitrification in operated systems that lost the ability to nitrify, assists nitrification in percolating filters and removes ammonia quickly in aerobic biological waste water treatment systems.


Treatment plants, oil refineries, odour control in poultry and pig slurry processing plants, abattoirs, etc.


This product is harmless to people, wildlife and the environment and is used for the removal of Ammonia from sewage systems.

This bacterial product removes Ammonia from sewage treatment plants and can also be used in other treatment plants in oil refineries, for odour control in poultry and pig slurry processing plants and abatoirs.