Our pioneering products use natural microorganisms to replace harmful chemicals in food production, waste treatment, pollution remediation and other processes


A simple and safe way to remove fats, oils and grease and avoid blockages!
FOGZAP is a powder-based, environmentally friendly bacterial treatment that completely digests fats, oils, grease and saponification (FOGS) in kitchen waste systems, preventing re-congealing downstream. This two-phased treatment is a simple, cost-effective, and safe way to remove FOGS from grease traps and grease recovery units.

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A simple way to remove pipework blockages!
SLUDGEZAP harnesses the power of friendly bacteria to cost-effectively break down and digest organic waste in pipework and soil stacks and improve the efficiency of septic tanks. SLUDGEZAP replaces costly, traditional removal methods such as rodding and pipe replacement, and removes the need for toxic chemicals, which pose potential health risks. It is a safer, simpler and eco-friendly way to clear blockages.

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Achieve odourless and hassle-free urinals! URIZAP is a patented, world-first microbial formulation that eliminates urinal blockages and foul odours, with regular use preventing recurrence. Suitable for all types of urinals, URIZAP digests built-up uric acid without the need for harsh chemicals. One scoop a week, with one cup of water, is all takes to maintain free-flowing urinals!

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