How to score higher in the sustainability league

British organisation ‘Sports Positive’ has put together the first eco-table for the English Premier League and English Football League to demonstrate the sustainability of football clubs across a few key areas. These include energy efficiency, single-use plastic reduction or removal, waste management, and water efficiency. The table isn’t designed to pit teams against each other, but like in the beautiful game, wouldn’t you want to up your score?

The game day ritual starts with beers and pies and ends with huge numbers of fans swarming through stadiums to the urinals… which tend to get overwhelmed.

That leads to a build-up of uric acid scale, a by-product of urine that causes blockages. And that build-up smells.

When you’ve got a football stadium with food stalls close to the urinals, that’s a pretty disgusting experience.

Blockages are costly and time-consuming to resolve, and are usually attacked with harsh chemicals, or water-wasting high-pressure hoses. All this negatively impacts your eco-table score…

Other solutions are expensive and involve third-party maintenance support to rod the pipes, which is messy and can cause leaks. You need a simple solution that will stop these problems from happening again and again.

You also want to do your bit for the planet, while looking out for your club, players and supporters.

At ABS, we’ve created a truly environmentally friendly, safe and cost-effective cleaning solutions using friendly bacteria. Bacteria have been digesting waste and organic matter since the beginning of time. Our scientists have harnessed their natural ability, creating bacterial solutions that digest uric acid (URIZAP), organic waste and sludge (SLUDGEZAP 1) and fats, oils and greases (FOGZAP).

These world-first formulations get rid of blockages and foul odours (and stop them recurring) by continually breaking down and digesting waste. This means you won’t need to keep putting up the frustrating out-of-order signs for urinal blockages (much to the relief of your full-to-bursting users).

The best bit? Our products can help you score higher on the eco-table. They’re an eco-friendly replacement to the harsh (and costly) cleaning methods you’re used to.

By switching to our products, you’ll save money and score higher in these key areas:

Energy efficiency

URIZAP saves energy by reducing the number of urinal flushes and removes the manual effort and power tools needed to deal with any issues.

Single-use plastic reduction or removal

We’re making our packaging as eco as we can. For now, some of our products do come in plastic tubs, but one tub of URIZAP will last you a whole year (unlike other cleaning products that run out in a matter of weeks, creating a mountain of empty single-use plastic bottles).

Since URIZAP removes the causes of odours, there’s no need to use odour-masking agents such as urinal mats and cartridges – so that cuts out even more single-use plastic.

Waste management

The waste management solution we’ve created is simple – the friendly bacteria eat the waste! URIZAP digests uric acid scale, FOGZAP digests fats, oils and greases, and SLUDGEZAP 1 digests all organic matter (including faeces). Say goodbye to harsh chemicals that are environmentally unfriendly and harmful to staff.

Water efficiency

With URIZAP keeping the uric acid scale build-up away, your urinals will flow freely. That means less flushing, and more saving water (you could save 10-30 million litres a year with URIZAP).

Find out how sustainable you’ll be if you switch to URIZAP with our sustainability calculator. Just type in the number of urinals on site, and you’ll see how much water, energy and money you can save.

Ready to kick your way into the sustainability big leagues?

Save water and energy while cutting down on single-use plastic, carbon emissions, and environmentally unfriendly chemicals. It all starts with a single scoop of our revolutionary bacterial solutions.