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“Microbiota can break down organic waste and absorb inorganic substances with little or no by-products other than water and minimal CO2. They can survive in hostile environments and their sheer number means they are the most ecologically sound and sustainable solution to many of our planet’s problems.”

Gabriela Siewerding Meirelles

Joint Head of R&D (Microbiologist)

Civilisation is facing an existential threat from the combined impact of three interlocking crises - climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution—a view no longer confined to an eco-minority, but increasingly that of mainstream science. In 2020, some 13,800 scientists from 153 countries declared a Climate Emergency, warning of ‘catastrophic threats’ , and urging ’transformative change’. Nearly 2,000 jurisdictions in 34 countries have now formally declared or recognised a Climate Emergency.

ABS is a fast-growing, science-led organisation creating innovative microbiota solutions for human and planetary benefit and bringing associated products and services to market.

Responding to the vital need for environmentally friendly waste management solutions, we have developed a range of highly effective products that target and successfully treat very specific problems.

Our advanced natural science-based approach,that fuses chemistry, biology and engineering, distinguishes and differentiates our solutions. We use nature’s solution, specific bacteria bred to literally consume the waste, blockages, spills, pollutants or algae, meaning our customers no longer have to use toxic chemicals or unsustainable enzymes to remove, or as is more often the case, simply move the problem

Potential markets for ABS
microbial solutions

Bacteria multiply at phenomenal speed when presented with the right food source, before dying once that food is consumed. In this way, problems historically solved, or rather relocated at huge harm to the ecosystem, with enzymes and chemicals, can be addressed with nature’s own solution, leaving no environmental negatives in their wake. This advanced natural science-based approach allows serious issues, particularly in the water management arena, to be solved with minimal ecological impact.

“It’s ironic that the conventional solutions to solving waste and spills issues involve killing 99% of all known bacteria – as typical product advertising boasts. At ABS we do the opposite: we breed bacteria. Good bacteria. Without it, no life would exist at all. This is a new world of understanding with enormous potential for good.”

Gareth Hughes,

Executive Chairman ABS

The future is bacterial

Over the last two decades, a paradigm shift has taken place in which micro-organisms have assumed centre stage. With the recognition that there are 105 more species of microbiota than was previously estimated, has come the insight that their communities modulate not only the Earth’s cycles and ecosystems, but the major organ systems and wellbeing of every plant animal and human on the planet.

Scientific research is revealing new capabilities, applications and eco-friendly commercial potential for these organisms on an almost daily basis. This is the frontier at which ABS is operating.

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Alignment with global policy -
The sustainable development goals

In 2015 the United Nations General Assembly identified and established 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These are designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”. It is intended that these goals are achieved by the year 2030.

The goals group into four key areas:

  • governance
  • human capital
  • natural capital
  • social capital

Between them these categories cover a broad range of ambitious issues. It is highly pertinent that every one of them can be very positively influenced by ABS products.

Our values and operating principles

The way ABS operates and the solutions we provide are in marked contrast to the methods used by the vast majority of the world for bio-productivity and waste management. Our methods channel natural efficiency, inspire benign environmental impact, and always create lasting value.

Our products are developed by our own inhouse interdisciplinary research team, based at the world leading Centre for Environmental Science at Lancaster University, supported by an international network of scientific collaborators.

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