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Washroom Odours

Persistent, wide-reaching smells are caused by ammonia in urine and are typically tackled with toxic cleaning agents and masking deodorisers.


Unless treated, washroom odours can be persistent and unpleasant and the effects are often noted in areas other than the washroom itself. Unpleasant smells from these areas can spread to impact on the environmental quality of adjacent activities in reception areas, offices, catering or retail operations. The problem is caused mostly by ammonia from urine and is conventionally addressed through the application of toxic cleaning agents and/or masking with deodorisers. These are not environmentally friendly solutions.

How it works

ODOURZAP contains a complex concoction of benign bacterial compositions that has been developed to naturally address the problem at source. It can be applied like any other cleaning agent, using cloths and mops, and will quickly digest the ammonia in a far more sustainable way.


This naturally breaks down the ammonia, with no chemicals being released into the local atmosphere. It allows air fresheners to work more effectively and efficiently, without having to mask unpleasant aromas.

This bacterial cleaning agent is used just like any normal product to provide a natural elimination of unwanted odours, with no harmful after effects.